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Published By: Academy for Environment and Life sciences, India

Bulletin of Environment, Pharmacology and Life Sciences
Volume 3 Special Issue IV 2014
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1.      The relationship between spiritual intelligence and transformational leadership in sports managers

Shahram Alam

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2.      Comparison between sports spaces constructed by the General Directorate for Education Renovation of Faces province with Iran Standard

Alireza Dabiri, Vahid Rafiee Dehbidi, Mohammad Nikoubakht

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3.      Urban Park Site Selection at Local Scale by Using Geographic Information System (GIS) and Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP)

Elahe Tahmasebi, Mobina Jalali, Marjan Gharehghashlo, Milad Nicknamfar, Hooman Bahmanpour

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4.      The Relationship between Conflict Management Styles and the Effectiveness of Premier Football League Teams of Hamadan Province

Mahdiyeh jalilvand, Sirous Ahmadi, Majid Soleimani, Behzad divkan

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5.      The Recognition of effects of student’s sharing knowledge on the work-applying major among the scholars of Kurdestan the scientific, functional centres

Nasser Shokri, Adel Salvati, Farzad Skandari

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6.      The Relation of Cultural Intelligence with the Decision-making Style of Sport Coaches

Mehrali Hemmatinezhad, Seied Sajjad hoseini, Mosa Jalili, Mehrieh Panahi

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7.      Effect of Accreditation on Improvement and Promotion of Education and Training Process

Zhila Dadgarpanah, Tayebeh Zargar

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8.      Investigating the effect of chronic stress on motor function and the role of non-pharmaceutical interventions of aerobic exercise and rhythmic-melodic stimuli

Nafise Afshari,Shahzad Tahmasebi Boroujeni, Naser Naghdi

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9.      A study of participation's constraint factors concerning outdoor recreational sports in Teheran

Bagher Morsal, Ali Zarei, Farshad Tojari, Faride Ashrafganjoei

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10. The effect of a period of selective aerobic exercise on serum level of VO2Max, BMI and Leptin in fat students in elementary school

Nematallah Nemati, Seyed Mozafar Moosavi

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11. The relationship between aggressions with athletic identity on Shiraz team sports

NajmeBanayi, Reza Nikbakhsh, Tayebe Zargar

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12. The relationship between emotional intelligence and athlete burnout

Samira Saadati, Reza Nikbakhsh, Akbar Afarinesh

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13. Investigating the consistency of managers and employees' thinking styles with their organizational tasks in Imam Khomeini Education and Research Institute, Ministry of Jihad-e-Agriculture

Hagh Reza Eivazi, Mohammadreza Shirzadi, Allahverdi Hosseinzadeh

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14. The correlation between organizational culture and male teachers’ job commitment at high schools (first phase) of Tehran

Khadijeh Nadri, Hagh Reza Eivazi,Haniyeh Badiei,Allahverdi Hosseinzadeh

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15. Investigating the relationship between leadership style (transformational and pragmatic) and employees' job involvement at Islamic Azad University of Roudehen, Damavand, Pardis, Boomehen and Firuzkuh to provide an appropriate model

Fattah Nazem, Mina Mozaiini

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