Authors are expected to adhere to the highest standard with respect to publication ethics, any cases of ethical misconduct are treated very seriously. The acceptance criteria for all papers are the quality, originality of the research work, validity of data, reproducibility of results and papers that demonstrate new findings of relevance to the field as a whole and its significance to our readership will be considered and accepted for publication. BEPLS accepts submitted papers on the condition that they have been submitted only to BEPLS, that they have not been published already and is not under consideration for publication or in press elsewhere.


All the authors must have agreed to the submission of the final version of the manuscript, the order of their names on the title page and that the contributions of all people involved in the research have been properly acknowledged. They also must have agreed that the corresponding author may act on their behalf throughout the editorial review and publication process. To avoid any possible dispute during the process, changes to authorship (including the order of author's names, addition or deletion of the name) after submission or acceptance, should be accompanied by signed statements of agreement from all the authors involved as per the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) guidelines only.


Ethical Considerations; Compliance with Ethical Standards

Bulletin of Environment, Pharmacology and Life Sciences (BEPLS) follows a strict Publication Ethics and Malpractice Policy; Authors are expected to adhere to the highest standard with respect to publication ethics. The author(s) should declare that all text, data, figures/tables or other illustrations presented in the manuscript are completely original and does not contain or include material taken from other copyrighted sources and wherever such material has been included, proper citation is included in the reference section and also affirm that the work does not violate any proprietary or personal rights of others. Any cases of ethical misconduct are treated very seriously.

Authors should include the following statements (if applicable) in a separate section entitled "Compliance with Ethical Standards" when submitting a paper:

  • Conflict of Interest Disclosure

  • Ethics of Human and Animal Experimentation

  • Informed Consent

Conflict of Interest Disclosure

At the time of submission, authors must include a disclosure statement in the body of the manuscript. All authors must declare any conflict of interest or any affiliation or involvement in any organization whether it is academic, commercial, financial, personal and professionally relevant to the work under consideration to avoid the potential for bias and accept responsibility for what is said in the manuscript.


Ethics of Human and Animal Experimentation Human Subject Research

The Author should ensure that studies involving experiments on humans must have an institutional review board (IRB) and/or national research ethics committee approval. Manuscripts should include a statement that the informed consent was obtained for experimentation with human subjects and that it conforms to standards currently applied in the country of origin. The name of the authorizing body should be stated in the paper. The privacy rights of human subjects must always be observed.


Animal Research

The Author should ensure that studies involving experiments on animals must include a statement in the manuscript indicating that the international, national, and/or institutional guidelines for the care and use of animals have been followed, and that the study has been approved by a research ethics committee. Procedures should be such that experimental animals do not have to suffer unnecessarily. Papers should include details of the procedures and of anaesthetics used.


Informed Consent

All individuals have individual rights that are not to be infringed. Individual participants in studies have the right to decide what happens to the identifiable data gathered from them during a study. Hence it is important that all participants gave their informed consent in writing prior to inclusion in the study. The manuscripts that include information about participants, written informed consent for the publication of these must be obtained from all the participants.


Plagiarism Prevention Policy

Bulletin of Environment, Pharmacology and Life Sciences (BEPLS) follows a strong plagiarism policy and is committed to protecting the integrity of the scholarly record and feels its duty to help and support the scientific community in all aspects of research and publishing ethics.

BEPLS is a participant of Advanced Plagiarism Detection Software (Turnitin/ Quetext) to screen published and submitted content for originality.

By submitting articles to the Bulletin of Environment, Pharmacology and Life Sciences (BEPLS) the author(s) attest the following:

  •  All author of the article has thoroughly checked and approved the content of the article before submission

  •  No part of the manuscript is plagiarized from other sources

  •  Proper reference is provided wherever contents extracted from other sources

  •  If plagiarism is found strong action will be taken

All the papers submitted have to pass through an initial screening and will be checked through the Advanced Plagiarism Detection Software (Turnitin/ Quetext).